Take the first exit in Brooklyn and bear hard right, which places you on PROSPECT STREET. Proceed on Prospect through the lights and under the Manhattan Bridge and BQE overpass. Prospect Street will terminate at BRIDGE STREET, where you will turn left (these streets are all one way, in any event.) 110 Bridge Street is immediately on your left, you may park in our private parking lot. The building is four stories and has huge arched windows on the top floor. It stands alone on the block, surrounded by playgrounds. The freight elevator and loading dock are within the lot, the entrance to the loft requires you to walk left out of the lot about 60 feet to a pair of DOUBLE BROWN DOORS. Call us and we will come down to let you in.



Take the upper roadway (VERY IMPORTANT), and get off at the first exit, which brings you onto JAY STREET. You want to be in the left lane and GO STRAIGHT (VERY IMPORTANT) through the light continuing underneath the bridge on JAY STREET until it becomes a single lane and terminates at PROSPECT STREET, where you will have to make a right turn. Follow Prospect one block until it ends at BRIDGE STREET. See above for entrance to the building. NOTE- These streets are all one way and you WILL GET LOST if you don't follow these simple directions precisely.



Take the F train- YORK STREET STATION (first stop in Brooklyn.) When you come out of the only exit, immediately make a right and walk right one block down YORK STREET to BRIDGE STREET. Our building is the ONLY BUILDING on the same block as the subway, so if you cross the street for any reason you are already lost. Make a right at the corner of York and Bridge and you will see a pair of BROWN DOUBLE DOORS. Once there call us for entry.